Saffron Honey - Raw Sunshine Coast Honey

Saffron Honey - Raw Sunshine Coast Honey

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Description of product

This heavenly marriage of the finest Persian saffron and all-natural raw Australian honey is a delicious and healthy way to add a drop of sweetness to your day.

What makes Saffron Honey different?

To start with, we use only the finest ingredients available, selected by our lead nutritionist and food engineer to be both wholesome and health-giving.

The saffron is Persian sargol saffron from the Khorasan region of Iran, organically farmed and hand-processed using traditional methods. This saffron is the purest, most potent saffron in the world.

The honey is raw Australian honey from the Sunshine Coast, recognized by food and nutrition authorities as to the highest quality honey on Earth.

We cold-infuse our honey with saffron, protecting the rich array of biochemical compounds in both the saffron and the honey.

We also take our time: The whole process requires 12 full weeks, during which the infusion is kept in precisely controlled conditions to protect it from heat and light.

But the end result is worth the wait: Saffron Honey is a perfectly blended amber elixir, as delicious as it is good for your health.

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