Microgreen Pots Assorted

Microgreen Pots Assorted


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Description of product

A Box of 9 Chemical free Microgreen Pots, Assorted Varieties.

Varieties of pots include:
Lemon Balm
Micro celery
Micro Red Rambo Radish
Micro parsley
Micro Coriander
Micro Tatsoi
Micro Mizuna
Micro Garnet Mizuna
Micro Green Mustard
Micro Red Cabbage
Micro Onion Chives
Pea Shoots
Sunflower Shoots
Micro Chervil
Micro Amaranth
Micro Green Basil
Micro Beetroot
Micro Red Russian Kale
Micro Broccoli
Micro Cress

We are 100% plastic free

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