5 Grams of Premium Persian Saffron

5 Grams of Premium Persian Saffron

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Description of product

The 5-gram Persian saffron is a great start if you are new to Saffron or have limited usage for this product.

This Saffron is different from your average Saffron in the following ways

  • Picked during the cool hours of the morning - Crocus Sativus is most active during the night and that's why our farmers adhere to 1000's of years of tradition and still pick the flower before the sun is too high up in the sky to protect the bio components from UV light and heat.
  • Dried Naturally - we do not destroy the antioxidants in the Saffron threads by using a commercial dehydration machine, our Saffron is dried in room temperature using the natural dry desert air. Our drying method takes up to 4 days whereas most of the saffron in the current market is dehydrated using machines.
  • Proper Packaging - Saffron is extra sensitive to light, heat and PVC, therefore, we only pack our product in airtight metal containers not in plastic or glass.

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