About us

We are all about connecting fresh & friendly food from local sources with inspiring chefs. Our story began years and years ago, from a simple idea to somehow deal with the excess production of food, while helping smaller growers and suppliers to sell more of
their product.
During a few years of quietly brewing the idea, it became inevitable to
actually give birth to it. What FoodXS then is really? Well, it’s a little bit like a farmers’ market, but with a twist of internet things. We say it’s a real-time marketplace to connect chefs and food businesses with local growers and suppliers. Some of our users say it’s a gift from heaven.
Well, not really, but that’s our goal.
And now that we arrived at that one, our goal... our goal – and dream is to once more see a world where local growers and local food outlets work together in deep synergy.
Dealing with locals not only creates an effective economy in the community but at the same time helps us to save our only planet.
While we are on our way towards our dreams and goals, we would love to hear more from you – whoever is the one reading this! Find our contacts here and let’s find the best way to collaborate.
It was nice to meet you here, we hope to hear from you soon.
On behalf of the whole team,
Andrew, Managing Director of FoodXS